Our teaching experts

  • Peter Betts

    Peter BettsPeter Betts brings over 35 years experience in Petrophysics and its use in integrated projects from his career at Shell and, more recently, from his work as an independent petrophysical consultant. Read more >>
  • Gerhard Diephuis

    Gerhard DiephuisGerhard Diephuis brings a strong academic foundation in Geology and Geophysics, and many years of hands-on experience at Shell in the use of Seismic data for exploration and development purposes. Since 1997 he is active as independent consultant in a wide range of EP projects and training activities. Read more >>
  • Jaap Mondt

    Jaap MondtJaap Mondt has gained extensive experience in Geophysics R&D, the application of Geophysics technologies and in Geophysics training during his long career with a major E&P operator. He was also part-time professor in applied geophysics at the University of Utrecht. Read more >>
  • Wiekert Visser

    Wiekert VisserWiekert Visser has over 30 years industry experience in exploration geology, with particular emphasis on the use of, and training in, Geochemistry and Seismic Stratigraphy. He was recently appointed part-time professor for the German University of Technology in Muscat, Oman (GUtech). Read more >>
  • Evert Uitentuis

    Evert UitentuisEvert Uitentuis has a a lot of experience in hands-on application of Development Geology, developed at first during a 20 year career with Shell, and more recently as a consultant. He is an excellent teacher. Read more >>
  • Evert van de Graaff

    Evert van de GraaffEvert van de Graaff brings a wealth of experience in sedimentary geology and reservoir modelling. During his 35 year career at Shell, he was a.o. running the internal training programs in these areas and performed numerous QC reviews on the subsurface aspects of field development plans. Read more >>
  • Edward van Riessen

    EdwardEdward van Riessen graduated in Geology and worked for many years at Shell as a petroleum engineer, in training, and in venture management. Read more >>
  • Jan de Jager

    Jan de JagerJan de Jager has over 30 years of experience as exploration geologist at Shell. In recent years he was responsible for the assurance of Risk and Volume assessments. He is now professor in Petroleum Geology at the University of Amsterdam and free lance exploration advisor. Read more >>
  • Wim Swinkels

    Wim SwinkelsWim Swinkels is an independent Reservoir Engineering Consultant, providing project consultancy, quality assurance and reservoir engineering training for major oil companies, governments, engineering firms and other global customers. Read more >>
  • Derk Jan Feenstra

    Derk Jan FeenstraDerk Jan Feenstra is one of the directors of EPTS. He has 33 years experience as Geophysicist with Shell in both technical and management positions.  Read more >>
  • Dick Nieuwland

    Dick NieuwlandDick Nieuwland has PhD in Earth Sciences and many years experience as a Geologist at Shell - both in research and operational positions. He is specialised in all aspects of Structural Geology. Read more >>
  • Mia van Steenwinkel

    Mia van SteenwinkelMia van Steenwinkel has a PhD in Geology and worked initially in carbonate research, thereafter for many years in Petroleum Development Oman in both exploration and development positions. She was also a workplace learning facilitator. Mia is now working as an independent geological consultant. Read more >>
  • John Keasberry

    John KeasberryJohn Keasberry graduated in Geology and Geophysics and worked for various EP companies before setting up his own geoscience consultancy. He gained extensive training experience while employed at Shell's learning centre as course director and lecturer. Read more >>
  • Barrie Wells

    Barrie WellsBarrie Wells holds a BsC in Mathematics and Statistics and a PhD in underground stress analysis. he has specialised in Geostatistics and has his own consultancy company with many of the top oil companies as clients. Read more >>
  • Kick Kleverlaan

    Kick KleverlaanKick Kleverlaan has a PhD in sedimentology and has undertaken many sedimentological studies in basins across the world. As an independent geological consultant he is regularly running field courses for E&P companies. Read more >>
  • Peter Nederlof

    Peter NederlofPeter Nederlof is a Petroleum Geochemist with over 30 years of industry experience in Europe, North America and the Middle East. In June 2011, Peter resigned from Shell to start working as an independent consultant, his main activities are currently in Oman, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. As trainer he has been affiliated to EPTS since 2011. Read more >>
  • Maarten Wiemer

    Maarten WiemerMaaarten Wiemer has long standing experience as an exploration and development geologist in Shell. During his career he has worked in many different geological environments and developed a.o. excellent teaching skills. Read more >>
  • Joseph van Oudenhoven

    Joseph van OudenhovenJoseph van Oudenhoven is a civil engineer with various additional degrees in environmental sciences. He worked 25 years at Shell as an environmental advisor before starting as an independent consultant in this area. Read more >>
  • Mark Bouman

    Mark BoumanMark Bouman is a former Shell geologist with over 30 years experience in both exploration and development related operational jobs. Next to this, Mark is also a seasoned geology trainer. Read more >>
  • Luis Blanc

    Luis BlancLuis Blanc is originally from Barcelona, Spain. He is currently working as an independent Reservoir Engineering Consultant providing project consultancy.  Read more >>
  • Henk Duyverman

    Dr. Henk J. Duyverman started his professional career in Tanzania, 1975-1978, at the Dar University. Since then, he did his Ph.D on Greenstone Belts in Tanzania/Kenya/Sudan/Saudi Arabia, worked in Jeddah, the Geological Survey in Holland, for Statoil 15 years and Shell 8 years, lately with Cuadrilla Resources for 5 years and ongoing. He is an experienced explorationist with an interest in unconventional plays.  Read more >>
  • Mike Mansell

    Mike MansellMike Mansell has extensive experience in the oil industry. He started his career with Shell and worked all over the world. The last 9 years Mike has worked as Senior Petroleum Engineering Consultant for Qatar Petroleum Read more >>