Field Development Planning (multiple instructors)

6 weeks (a limited 3 week version is also possible)

Business context

Creation and execution of the optimum Field Development Plan (FDP) has a dominant impact on the economics of an E&P venture. After the exploration and appraisal phase earth scientists, engineers and economists must integrate their work to create an optimum FDP.

This 6-week course covers all aspects of making a FDP. The data can either be provided by client, or by EPTS.

Who should attend

Geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir-, drilling-, completion-, and facilities engineers, as well as economists, who are involved in FDP work.

Course content

Create FDP for one field, by working through the entire work flow, including economics and facilities engineering.

  • Step 1: sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, well correlation
  • Step 2: Geophysics, seismic mapping: create horizon map of top reservoir on 3D data set. Match wells to seismic.
  • Step 3: Geology, create static reservoir model. Build reservoir architecture, Net/Gross map.
  • Step 4: Petrophysics. Populate reservoir with physical properties: porosity permeability.
  • Step 5: Volumetrics with uncertainty
  • Step 6: Production geology & Reservoir engineering: Up-scaling of static model to allow dynamic modeling.
  • Step 7: Reservoir engineering: Create dynamic model. Calibration with RFT data.
  • Step 8: Reservoir engineering: Field development scenario building (number of producers & injectors).
  • Step 9: Wells & Facilities (Well/completing design, treatment plant & pipeline sizing).
  • Step 10: Build FDP scenarios, economics, reporting.


Learning, methods and tools

This course is all about team work. Participants will work in teams to create FDP scenarios for a single accumulation, based on a real data set, using all standard software needed for such work. The practical sessions will be interleafed with lectures providing the required theoretical background. At the end of the course, participants should be able to function effectively in an FDP team.