Environmental Waste Management Workshop

Joseph van Oudenhoven 
3-5 days

Business context

Concern for environmental protection is essential for modern E&P operations. Usually only one person of a company can attend specialist conferences/courses abroad, while quite a few people who are really involved can not make it. Therefore this on-site workshop has been developed.
Waste is not only the material disposed of or emitted, but also comprises product losses; inventory excess; lost time and the cost of handling and disposal. Waste is also opportunities lost by not looking at the life cycle of materials and equipment and any downtime or expenditure resulting from not applying best HSE management practices.
Waste Management is not simply identifying effluents and wastes (in strict sense) and then dealing with it; it is an operational management process including Master Planning; dealing with the waste is only a single action.
Key decisions of the waste management process are: Inventorisation; Characterization; Segregation; Prevention; Minimization; Treatment; Disposal.
HSE/Q Management Systems are needed to integrate waste management into line operations.

Who should attend

staff with responsibilities in Engineering/Design, Operations, Maintenance, Technology, HSE, Waste Management and overall Management. A very active participation is required.

Course content

The workshop is designed to create awareness and basic understanding of Waste Management. By using data from the clients, it aims at reaching a well defined result: acquiring a firm frame work to a Strategic Master Plan for the client's company or organisation.

The first day is a site visit to make local observation, which will be used in the workshop. There are about seven lecture sessions to introduce concepts, each followed by a syndicate session. Each session creates awareness and knowledge, and the results of one syndicate are input for next syndicate. The last day is used for evaluation and Action Planning.

Learning, methods and tools

See above. The course content and duration of the workshop can be tailored on request depending on level of awareness and data available.