Course and Coaching Fees

  1. The course fee of all our courses is made up of the following elements:
    1. The day-rate of instructors during the course
    2. For our standard courses no preparation time in charged.
    3. Two travel days @ 50% of day-rate
    4. Business class travel cost (for flights under 4 hrs economy class fare).
    5. Accommodation and daily expenses
    6. Materials (printed hand-outs etc) - mostly handled by the client, we provide an electronic copy
  2. For customised courses additional preparation time needs to be agreed.
  3. The typical cost of EPTS courses run at your home location, are at least 50% cheaper than when such courses are taken abroad. In other words: you can train twice as many staff at the same expense. 

Coaching and consultancy fees are based on an agreed hourly rate.