Bert van Bommel

Bert van Bommel (1955) graduated in structural geology and exploration geophysics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in 1980. He worked with Shell for nearly 30 years in both exploration and development and production departments. Bert also managed a large unitisation project.

He started as seismic interpreter, but during his career held a variety of positions such as team leader, chief geoscientist, technical manager and deputy CEO. He has worked and lived in Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, Gabon, Syria, Italy and the Netherlands.

Since February 2016 he has assumed the role of co-director of EPTS.

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Dirk Pronk

Dirk Pronk graduated from Utrecht University in the Netherlands in the early eighties with a degree in Geology and soon after joined Shell. At Shell he worked as a seismic interpreter, initially in exploration, later in development in a number of countries across the globe (Brunei, Norway, Colombia, Scotland). The second half of his career was spent in managerial roles in Petroleum Engineering and Field Development, leading multidisciplinary study teams and/or subsurface departments (Netherlands, Nigeria, Scotland).

His last position was Petroleum Engineering Manager at Shell UK, a role he combined with that of Head of Geoscience. He has always enjoyed working with people of different cultures and has very much enjoyed mentoring and coaching younger and less experienced staff.

He assumed the role of co-director of EPTS on the 1st of May 2020 and is happy that through his role at EPTS he has the opportunity to continue contributing to the education of staff in the energy industry worldwide.

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