Customised Courses

Next to our standard courses, EPTS also offers tailor-made courses, which can be designed at the client company request to fit a specific purpose. Based on some general guidance from the client we can design a customised programme. Our range of available course material and trainer expertise is such that we can develop and deliver such a programme in a very efficient manner.

On request we can also adjust the content of our standard courses: To shorten the duration of a course, topics can be dropped from the list, or detailed discussions of topics can be changed to general overviews. Additional topics can be added on request, or standard topics can be replaced by special ones, to focus course contents on the client`s business problems.
Although all courses are larded with our own exercises, it is often beneficial to the client to request some exercises to be based on their own data and operational problems. Such requests can always be honored by our instructors.

Field seminars

Our field seminars are generally organized in Western Europe. In case clients wish to arrange a field seminar along outcrops within their own country/basin, this can be arranged given enough time for preparation.