Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation in different basin settings (passive, extensional, convergent & oblique)

Trainer(s): Maarten Wiemer
Duration: 5 sessions, 4 hr /day

Business context

This course is specifically designed for senior exploration geoscientists currently active in Hc play and prospect mapping. The course focuses on seismic stratigraphic analysis in different basin settings (i.e., passive, convergent, extension and oblique) in order to construct a coherent geological story line, underpinning hydrocarbon play and prospect evaluation.

Who should attend

Senior geoscientists (ca. 6-8-year work experience) with a background in play and/or prospect evaluation and experience in seismic interpretation.

Course content

The course is designed to assist participants in optimising conceptual geoscience input into their technical evaluation. In other words, using seismic stratigraphic principles and observations to produce coherent geological models. The course is largely based on seismic stratigraphic case histories and exercises with the support of seismic, well log and outcrop examples.

Learning, methods and tools

Participants will be exposed to short virtual lectures followed by hands-on individual and team exercises in a variety of geological settings. "Let the data tell their story" is the key learning theme in this course.

Day by day programme

Session ONE
Course Introduction
1.1 Seismic Stratigraphy: seismic reflections; depositional sequences, systems tracts; reservoir distribution.
1.2 Exercise - South Africa regional line.
1.3 Plate Margins and Basin Settings: link plate margins and sedimentary basins.
1.4 Exercise - Arabian Plate.

Session TWO
Kahoot MCQ recap session 1
2.1 Passive margin seismic stratigraphy.
2.2 West Africa case histories.
2.3 Large Canyon systems - Niger Delta exercise.
2.4 Oman Cambro-Ordovician case history.

Session THREE
Kahoot MCQ recap session 2
3.1 Extensional (Rift-fill) basin seismic stratigraphy.
3.2 Madagascar case history and exercise.
3.3 Salt Basin seismic stratigraphic (North Sea) case history and exercise.

Session Four Kahoot
MCQ recap session 3
4.1 Convergent basin setting seismic stratigraphy.
4.2 NW Borneo case history and exercise.
4.3 Pyrenean example and exercise

Session FIVE Kahoot
MCQ recap session 4
5.1 Oblique basin setting seismic stratigraphy.
5.2 Egypt Western Desert case history and exercise.
5.3 China Bohai basin case history and exercise