Non-Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing

Trainer(s): Jaap Mondt
Duration: 40 hrs (Blended learning)

Business context

This course deals with the opportunities of using non-seismic geophysics in exploration and development of hydrocarbons and in investigating the shallow subsurface for mitigating pollution or mapping salt-fresh water interfaces . It provides understanding in the fundamentals of non-seismic methods, and the use of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

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Who should attend

All those involved in either designing or supervising non-seismic acquisition and processing with emphasis on the appropriateness in view of the objectives. These objectives could be reconnaissance in early exploration stages or providing additional data supporting imaging/inversion of seismic data.

An understanding of the role of Geophysics in the context of exploration and production and a good foundation in Geology, Geophysics and Physics. A pre-requirement quiz can be taken to check whether their knowledge of Geology, Geophysics and Physics is sufficient to follow the course.

Course content

The lectures and exercises explain the theory and application of gravity, magnetics, electrical and electromagnetic methods.

Learning, methods and tools

It is a Blended Learning course, based on a user-friendly course management system called Moodle. Power-point presentations and videos will introduce various aspects of non-seismic acquisition, processing, and interpretation, but the emphasis is on computer-based exercises of which the submitted solutions need to be submitted. Moodle also facilitates discussion and feedback.

Day by day programme