Quantitative Reservoir Characterization

Trainer(s): Jaap Mondt
Duration: 40 hrs (Blended learning)

Business context
The course explains, using "Blended Learning", the latest methods of characterizing reservoirs using pre-stack seismic data. Power-point presentations and videos will introduce various aspects of reservoir characterization, but the emphasis is on computer-based exercises.

Contact Information

Who should attend
All those involved in designing the necessary acquisition (multi-azimuth, long offsets) and amplitude-preserving processing and, of course those doing the quantitative interpretation of reservoirs. 

Pre-requisites: A solid understanding of Geophysics and a good foundation in Geology. A pre-requirement quiz can be taken to check whether your knowledge of Geology and Geophysics is sufficient to follow the course.

Course content
The lectures and exercises deal with the concepts and basic ideas behind Quantitative Reservoir Characterization. These include use of effective media, anisotropy due to fine layering and due to micro-cracks and fractures. For example, for determining fracture orientation and density, use is made of AVA and AVAz.

Learning, methods and tools
At the end of the course participants will have a clear idea what is involved in modern reservoir characterization. This will be evident from the examples shown and the exercises. The Blended Learning course is based on a user-friendly courses management system called Moodle. Moodle provides options for discussion, submission of exercise solutions and extensive feedback and interaction.

Day by day programme