David Brindle

David Brindle has a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Queens’ College, Cambridge, England, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London. During his career he has worked as an engineer for both BP and Shell, beginning in operations and maintenance, and then in projects and site construction. He has worked in some of the toughest places in the world - from the deserts of Kuwait in summer to the steppes of Russia in winter - in projects both onshore and offshore, ranging from new oilfield developments to upgrades to onshore terminals.

For the last ten years he has been using this solid experience to advise project teams in the early concept stages. During these stages, decisions must be taken which may be irreversible and can have far reaching consequences. He has worked with many teams to help them frame their opportunity, understand and manage the risks, select their concept, develop a contracting strategy, and prepare for stage gate reviews. This approach is proven to keep teams moving forward, minimise rework, and get their project into Final Investment Decision and construction as quickly as possible. He is also an experienced user of the development planning software PetroVR. His speciality is integration - getting the various specialists to understand how their discipline work contributes to the overall development plan.

He has broad teaching experience, both within his peer group delivering courses in the Shell Learning Centre, and to school children through the Jet-Net organisation linking schools to industry in the Netherlands, and is fluent in several European languages.

Trainer in courses:

The Field Development Planning Toolbox