Gerhard Diephuis

Gerhard Diephuis (1947) studied Geology and Geophysics at the State University of Leiden. The Netherlands. In addition he obtained a Bachelors degree in Economics, Rotterdam Erasmus University. He became research assistant to Prof. Dr. J.G. Hagedoorn, one of the founders of modern geophysics. After completing his military service as Officer in the Royal Guards, he joined Shell International in 1977.

He followed initial training in The Hague and was posted soon thereafter to Sarawak Shell in Malaysia, where he worked as seismic interpreter in various provinces. In 1982 he was seconded to Woodside Petroleum, in the Petroleum Engineering Department, where he jointly interpreted the Rankin 3D survey, the first in the country. In 1984 he moved to Shell Expro in London, where he first worked as senior geophysicist in the Central North Sea Team and later led the Business Opportunity Team. In 1987 he was posted to Oman where, after an initial stint in the North Oman Team, he became Discipline Head Production Seismology. In that function he was the main instigator of the Natih 3D3C Experimental Survey, an industry first in the field of shear-wave exploration. In 1991 he left for the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij in The Netherland, where he headed a section that applied novel techniques in Quantitative Interpretation.

Since 1997 Diephuis is independent consultant engaged in a large number of highly varied geophysical assignments in combination with educational activities both for industry and university. He undertook major assignments in UAE, Suriname, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, Libya, UK, Norway and the Far East, apart from various unitisation activities in the Dutch and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea.

Between 2007 and 2017 Diephuis was associated with IF Technology as Senior Advisor for deep geothermal projects.

In addition to his consultancy activities, Diephuis is long involved in education at the Technical University Delft and in professional training mostly for Schlumberger/NExT. During the last 8 years he was the mentor of the TUD student team, participating in AAPG's Imperial Barrel Award competition.

From 1997 to 2004 Diephuis was first Associate Editor and later Editor in Chief of "Geophysical Prospecting", an ICI listed journal - for these efforts he was awarded Honorary Membership of EAGE. He served on the Board of EAGE as Publication Officer from 2013-2014. His memberships further include AAPG, SPE, Royal Dutch GeoScience & Mining Association (KNGMG) and SEG. The last mentioned association nominated him "Outstanding Reviewer" For the journal "Geophysics" in 2012.

Between 2007 and 2017 Diephuis was associated with IF Technology as Senior Advisor for deep geothermal projects.

Diephuis speaks various languages and is computer literate - in particular he is familiar with Trace Interpretation Systems and with UNIX application.

Diephuis is an active veteran race-rower and loves playing Baroque music on his traverso.

Trainer in courses:

Basic Geophysics
Quantitative Seismic Interpretation
Seismic Interpretation and Mapping
Seismic Interpretation Fundamentals