Janpieter van Dijk

Janpieter van Dijk obtained a Ph.D. from Utrecht University (the Netherlands) in 1992, in Geology and Tectonophysics. He has 29 years of experience in O&G with ENI-Agip (Now Eni E&P) from 1992-2015, Dragon Oil (Dubai) from 2015-2020, and OGS (OCR Geoscience Services) (2010- present), and has been active in operations and projects for Exploration, Reservoir Development and Management and Production, in conventional and unconventional settings, and CCS Projects.

Before starting his Consultancy Services activities, between 2015 and 2020, he was with Dragon Oil Plc. (and Enoc Company) in Dubai (UAE), as Chief of Geoscience and successively Exploration Manager working on Exploration, Appraisal and Production assets in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq, and on a major Production asset in Turkmenistan, and on New Ventures opportunities in numerous countries (far-East, Malaysia, MENA, etc.). This involves 2d and 3d seismic acquisition and processing, interpretation and mapping, prospect generation and drilling of new wells. Before this, between 1992 and 2015, he was with Eni as a senior professional in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production. He was Project Leader of the ENI research program on Structural Analysis, Tectonic Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Fractured Prospects and Reservoirs, which comprises the TaskForceMajella Project (TFM). From 2005 until 2007 he managed the Strategic Project “GreenHousGas” (GHG) on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage (CCS). He was with Eni Algeria E&P (Algiers), Eni Burren RpL (London), and EniChina (Peking) during 2007-2014 working on Exploration and Production Assets in Algeria, Mali, Turkmenistan and China, in the role of Senior Geoscience Advisor, Team leader and Project Manager, in both Conventional and Unconventional E&P.

He performed, and coordinated studies both on exploration and development themes in numerous countries (e.g. Egypt, Algeria, Norway, Mali, Iran, Italy, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, etc.) involving 3D seismic interpretation, 3D structural modelling, fracture network analysis and modelling, and field geological outcrop mapping and digital cartography. He was personally responsible for the development of several software tools which are currently operational in Dragon Oil and Eni. Additional interests regard geological field mapping and digital cartography, numerical geological modelling and tectonophysics. He is a world expert in analysis and modelling of fractured prospects and reservoirs, for which he developed software tools, published papers, and applied projects to numerous conventional and unconventional reservoirs. He is strong in Technical Geoscience Modelling, Prospect Generation, Project management, Global Networking, Research and Technology Development management for Exploration and Production and general Technical Geoscience Management in E&P.

Dr. van Dijk is also responsible for the organisation of educational courses for engineers and geologists regarding geological modelling, and furthermore conducted numerous geological field trips and workshops in the UAE, in Italy and Oman. Since 1988 already he regularly holds lectures at conferences in Italy and other countries, and short courses at a number of universities.

He furthermore published scientific research papers and 3 books regarding the geology and geodynamics of the central Mediterranean, Turkmenistan, the UAE, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia, and on arguments related to tectonophysical modelling of fractured prospects and reservoirs, and on the history of (geo)science. He is active as an advising member of several international journals, and is involved in research consortia, JIP, intergovernmental panels, advisory boards, etc. In 1997 he obtained a Reward for Distinguished Scientific Researcher at ENI, and in 1998 a reward for Best Research Paper at the Fractured Reservoir Development Convention

Trainer in courses:

Principles of 3D Computer Modelling
Best Practices Management in Subsurface Modelling