Julian Moore

APT AS Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
APT UK Managing Director

I am a highly motivated, and successful Geoscientist and Technical Leader with international experience gained with a super-major, in a non-operated JV and in a highly regarded technical consultancy and laboratory. I am a proven self-starter and possess both analytical and creative skills with an ability to both reduce problems to the principal issues at hand and to both offer and deliver effective solutions. My approach is delivery focused with a dedicated, practical, and pragmatic work ethic.

I have deep expertise in Petroleum Systems, in particular in integration across geoscientific disciplines. I am highly proficient in basin modelling (principally Genesis & Trinity) for both regional assessments (e.g. licence round screening) and prospect evaluations. I have significant experience in source rock analysis (screening, QA/QC, log-based characterisation, parameterisation and prediction). I am also experienced in the application of oil and gas chemistry to solving sub-surface problems (oil - source correlation, pay zone analysis, fluid quality assessment, reservoir and production geochemistry etc). Through both my experiences at BP and as a technical consultant with APT I have developed a wide-ranging experience and a strong track record in exploration.

Trainer in courses:

Petroleum geochemistry