Coaching skills for Managers and Team Leaders

Trainer(s): Bridget Allaway

Business context

Coaching is a strongly emerging profession, whose value is now recognized by individuals and organisations throughout the world.

The objective of this workshop is for leaders to develop knowledge and skills necessary to create a coaching culture in their teams and apply coaching skills to enhance technical delivery and business performance. 

This workshop can be facilitated as a stand-alone workshop, or the content can be integrated into appropriate technical courses.

Who should attend

Leaders at all levels of an organisation. However, the skills are equally applicable to individual contributors.

Course content

Coachees complete self-assessment questionnaire and pre-work.

Day 1:  An interactive face to face session with participants to provide them with coaching skills as part of their everyday leadership practice.  It covers content such as:

  • Understand how coaching differs from mentoring, teaching, advising, and consulting.
  • Understand the benefits of a coaching approach.
  • Applying a step-by-step process for a structured coaching conversation.
  • Building rapport and creating presence.
  • Listening, feedback and reflection skills.
  • Powerful and insightful questioning techniques.
  • Overcoming barriers to effective coaching.
  • Effective goal setting leading to personal development and accountability.

Day 2: Observation and feedback session. This session provides participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of coaching skills and tools through further practice. It builds on the coaching skills developed in Day 1. Facilitator's role is to observe and provide feedback on the application of coaching skills.

This overall program provides managers and leaders with the necessary skills to significantly enhance their leadership and communication with their teams as well as with their peers and stakeholders.  

Learning, methods and tools

The principal method is interactive, experiential learning: learning by doing including:

  • Individual and small group activities.
  • Syndicate work.
  • Mini presentations.
  • Practical application exercises.

Facilitator: Bridget Allaway. Due to the highly interactive nature of this workshop, participant numbers are limited to 16. For larger groups, an additional facilitator is required.

Critical success factors:

  • Leadership commitment and engagement in the activity.
  • Sponsor assigned to the workshop.
  • Focal point assigned for logistics and administrative preparation.
  • Stakeholders and participants fully briefed prior to the workshop.
  • Participants are available for the full duration of the workshop.