Energy Transition

Trainer(s): Edward van Riessen
Duration: 1 day

Business context

During the past few decades, the concern about global warming has grown. The transition from fossil fuel based energy towards energy from renewable sources is gathering momentum. Targets set by the international conventions and its subsequent guidelines affect the energy industry.

In this one day course, participants will learn about the current status of the energy transition. Topics focus on plans and technical options for the future and its impact on the current energy industry, which is still largely based on fossil fuels.

By means of technically sound sessions, participants will gain understanding of the energy transition including economical and societal aspects. For enhanced learning they will work in teams on practical and inspiring cases: economic conversion of gas production on offshore platforms to renewable energy sources.

Who should attend

This course has been developed for engineers and managers who are new to the oil and gas industry and non-technical professionals who are working in or with clients from this industry. For example, professionals from a banking, insurance and environmental background.

Furthermore, professionals interested in the energy transition will find this course of added value, as industry experts will share their views on future developments and its impact on the energy industry.

Course content

In the morning, the lectures will focus on the current oil and gas industry. After lunch, the lectures will continue on how renewables can be implemented using the existing oil and gas infrastructure. During a practical case in the afternoon, the participants will become aware of the challenges and issues the industry faces during the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Experts from the industry will share their views on the future of the offshore energy industry during an interactive programme.

Learning, methods and tools

  • Understanding the current status of the energy transition
  • Attaining knowledge of the technical options and solutions to achieve the transition targets
  • Comprehending the future scenario's for the energy transition
  • Understanding the technical, societal and economic aspects of the energy transition
  • Gaining practical insight in how a conversion project is carried out

Level: Basic
Length: one day
Fee: € 999,00 excl. VAT
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